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What is direct blow molding?

For production of plastic containers, blow-molding is one of the methods used to make small mouth bottles. There are basically two types of molding methods: direct blow molding and 2-axis stretch blow molding.

The direct-blow molding method is the process of using soft resin shaped like a tube that is pushed out between metal molds and the soft resin cylinder (called a “Parison”) is expanded in the molds to form a bottle by high-pressure air.

Direct Blow Process

Step 1

As the melting resin is made into a tube by the molding machine, low pressure air shapes it into a cylinder.

Step 2

High-pressure air is used to expand the heated cylinder and it is pressed into a mold cavity.

Step 3

The air pressure is maintained until the plastic cools and hardens. After which, the metal mold is opened and the bottle is ejected.

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