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Do you know the difference between general-purpose plastics and engineering plastics?

We at Nagai Co.,Ltd., can introduce you to the main plastic materials that bottles are made of.

General-Purpose Plastics   Engineering Plastics

PE (PolyEthylene)

PE is a light and soft plastic material. It has excellent waterproof and chemical resistant characteristics. High density PE is especially hard and very durable under situations of extreme heat.

PET (PolyEthyleneTelephthalate)

This type of bottle, commonly referred to as a PET or transparent bottle is produced by the 2-axis stretch-blow molding method and is used for cold beverages and drinking water. This type of bottle has limited heat durability but is superior in its transparency and ability to resist leakage of chemicals, steam, and gases.

PEN (PolyEthyleneNaphthalate)

Compared to PET bottles, PEN bottles have superior heat durability, chemical and gas leakage resistance. Even though this plastic is transparent, its special feature is that it can block UV (ultraviolet) rays.

PC (PolyCarbonate)

PC plastic is very easy to mold. It is used for large products, long products or products that have strange shapes. There is a limit to its chemical leakage resistance but it has high transparency and excellent heat durability.

PA6 (PolyAmide6)

PA6 is a typical crystalline resin called nylon 6 that requires a complicated molding process. It is only used for producing small sized products. Due to its high water permeability, it has limits to its use, but has high heat durability and chemical leakage resistance.

PSU (PolySUlfone)

PSU is amber in color and the resin is transparent. Its performance under extreme heat is superior to that of PC (polycarbonate) and even at 140℃, hydrolysis does not occur. It is very good for bottles sterilized by steam (autoclave) and because it remains stabile at high temperatures and is resist to acids, its alkali is rated highest.

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