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Inquiries and Consultation

We welcome any inquiries you may have about our plastic products. You may contact us by telephone, fax, or e-mail. Please see our "Frequently Asked Questions" section and feel free to contact us about furthering the development of your company with our products.

Inquiry By Telephone ... +81-6-6758-7758
Inquiry By FAX ... +81-6-6758-7757

Inquiry By E-mail ... Please use the mail form below.
You may also request documents or samples by using this form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm looking for a small test bottle.
A: At Nagai Co., Ltd., we have original bottles called "one-touch mini-10" and "RS20 -40" used by a mail order company that is pleased with these sample bottles and continues using them.
Q: I only need a few bottles. Can I place a small order?
A: Yes, you can. We gladly accept small orders. Please contact us about quantities.
Q: Can you produce an order on short notice?
A: Yes, we can produce plastics bottles within a 24-hour operation cycle.
Q: I'm concerned about whether materials of our new product will conflict with the plastic material of your bottles.
A: When we choose the type of bottle, if needed, a detailed examination can be done. Please consult us if you have further concerns.
Q: I would like to start a business in the cosmetics industry making basic cosmetics and trial samples.
A: We specialize in the field of cosmetics. From the bottles' contents to its shape and design, leave it to us. In addition to bottle production, we can also fill and package them for you.

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You may also request documents or samples by using this form.

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