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Name of Company Nagai Co.,LTD.

Mr. Nagai,Takaaki
(Chief executive officer)
Establishment 1.April.1912.
Legal Representative Mr. Nagai,Takaaki
(Chief executive officer)
Charter capital ¥32,000,000. (Approx.US$320,000.)
Employees 50
Scope of Business Production and sale of plastics products
(Mainly, bottles for medicine and cosmetics)
Location 3-5-37,Tatsumi-higashi, Ikuno-ku, Osaka-city, Japan

Phone: +81-6-6758-7758
FAX: +81-6-6758-7757

Corporate Principles

Our mission

To deliver "Products" and "Services” and gain customer satisfaction, resulting in happy and prosperous customers. Consequently we hope this will ultimately contribute to positive societal development.

Our target

We take great care "to commercialize excellent products" by offering "safe and high performance, high-quality products" and "quick, attentive customer service" as a contribution to society. Each of our employees takes pleasure in their work and aims to enrich his or her own life in addition to that of our customers.

Action Agenda

We always work with the traditional attitude of "The Six Thoughts" to offer a product that customers will be satisfied with.
They are:

The Six Thoughts

  1. Say "Good morning" with cheerfulness.
  2. Say "Yes" with obedience.
  3. Say "I'm sorry" with sincerity.
  4. Say "I do" with enthusiasm.
  5. Say "Thank you" with appreciation.
  6. Say "Thanks to you" with modesty.
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Nagai Co.,LTD.
3-5-37,Tatsumi-higashi, Ikuno-ku, Osaka-city, Japan
PHONE:+81-6-6758-7758 / FAX:+81-6-6758-7757