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Quality control and safety management

Our products are mainly used for medicine and cosmetics, so very high quality is required. That means no hair particles, metal shards, dust or other foreign particles are tolerated.

The quality inspection of our products, includes checking for black spots (burnt or scorched resin particles) that can sometimes be found in the plastic and is a severely scrutinized process that even takes into account dust attracted by static electricity.

To maintain this quality, all foreign particles are removed using thorough, safe and sanitary equipment that also helps to improve our working environment.


The sanitary working environment of our plastic bottle molding room is maintained with clean air-conditioning devices.

By using automated devices before the inspection process, we can detect any abnormalities in the bottles' shape or permeability and take any irregular products out of the system. On occasion, immediately after molding our sampling inspection system detects and therefore prevents continual production of defective products.



With clean air-conditioning devices, the inspection room is kept at a dust level of class 10,000. Under a constantly clean working environment, our inspection personnel wear hats, gloves, and no-lint clothing.

All of our molded products are checked by skilled inspection personnel.

Bottles of eye drops that passed strict inspections.
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