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How are plastic bottles that you use in your daily life produced? If people learn more about plastics, their life can become more fruitful.

Plastics are a big part of our lives. However, few people know how plastic products are produced, and the differences between plastic materials.


» Do you know the difference between general-purpose plastics and engineering plastics?

We at Nagai Co.,Ltd., can introduce you to the main plastic materials that bottles are made of.

» Do you know about plastic bottle production by the direct-blow molding method?

The direct-blow molding method is the process of using soft resin shaped like a tube that is pushed out between metal molds and the soft resin cylinder (called a "Parison") is expanded in the molds to form a bottle by high-pressure air.

» Do you know also know about the stretch-blow molding method?

The stretch-blow molding method uses "a Preform" that is made from the injection molding process beforehand. The Preform is stretched in both the hoop direction and the axial direction by high magnification and is molded into the desired bottle shape by high-pressure air.

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